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The way the world works is changing. Whether you call it the Workforce of 2020, the future of work, or the rise of automation, as a business leader, you will undoubtedly have considered one or more of these factors in planning your organization’s ongoing workforce strategy.
I’ve worked many industries throughout my career - public and private sector, global organizations and start-ups, not for profits and publicly listed companies.
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Amid changing demographics and an increasingly connected global economy, Japan’s workforce is undergoing a huge shift. To enable future economic growth, and stay competitive as organizations around the world embrace the multi-channel workforce, organizations and policymakers are challenging long-standing attitudes about how work gets done. In our ongoing series on the future of work in Japan, we take a closer look at the factors driving this transformation.
By 2040, the Japanese population of working-age adults will shrink by 20 million.
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The June Employment Situation Summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the US economy added 222,000 new jobs for the month. In addition, estimates for April and May were both revised upward to show 33,000 and 14,000 more jobs respectively compared to last month’s data. Following weak March results, the past three months have shown job growth in line with averages over the past two years.
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As organizations grow and expand around the world, scaling appropriately can be a significant hurdle. Today, Kate Gelpi, Business Process Manager at SAP Fieldglass, joins us on the blog to share advice for establishing business structures and processes to help engage your workforce across generations. Welcome, Kate!
In a previous post, we discussed laying the groundwork for scaling your organization and providing new employees with a business process structure and framework to get them up to speed quickly.
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In June, we joined over 3000 HR professionals at SuccessConnect London, for a conversation around the latest innovations and future trends in HR. 
One theme that is top of mind for HR professionals and at the forefront of the event was Experiences Matter. For organizations, attracting and retaining top talent is key to staying ahead of the competition; more and more, offering a great experience is an essential component of that mission.


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